Autumn has arrived in all of its colorful glory, which means it is time to batten down the hatches at your mountain home.  

Consider blowing your roof and clearing gutters of debris in preparation for the rain and snow.  If your mountain home is your second home, consider also shutting off the water and draining the pipes. To do this you need to open all faucets and spigots, flush all toilets and turn off the main water.  Add a cup of antifreeze to the sinks and toilets to prevent pipes bursting.  Be sure that your pipes are wrapped and well insulated, burst pipes can lead to a mess of extra expenses.  Also, if you know you won't be back for a while, turn off the power to your electric water heater or put propane water heater in the PILOT position. 

Stock your cabin with snowmelt and if you are a 'will call' propane customer, reach out to your provider to fill up the tank. Stock your firewood pile and make sure the wood stays as dry as possible, be it under a tarp or carport or in the garage. 

If you vacation in the area semi-regularly during the winter months, there are several snow removal companies that you can arrange a contract with, or simply give your provider a heads-up when you need a "one-shot" removal before your arrival.  Please feel free to give our office a call for a list of local vendors who offer snow removal for your area.  209-795-8234.